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195 Skylane Road, St. Simons Island

195 Skylane Road, St. Simons Island


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Dog Daycare

Dogs are an important part of each family and at Puppy Paradise we want whats best for them! Lack of adequate exercise and stimulation during your dog’s day alone leads to many unwanted behavioral problems such as barking, chewing, digging, aggression, separation anxiety, and much more. At Puppy Paradise, we are dog care professionals who provide a safe and fully supervised play environment. We are dedicated to giving your dog a day filled with socialization, affection, exercise and fun. Your four-legged family member will burn off energy socializing with their canine companions while under constant supervision. We keep hours similar to day cares for two-legged children: drop off your fur baby before work and pick up after!
Puppy Paradise has four playrooms, divided into two sections: a fully air-conditioned inside, and an attached yard outside complete with shade. We also have a 7,000 square foot dog park, the largest on the island! Play groups take turns running and playing throughout the day. Dogs are grouped by size, temperament and personality. We survey play styles and group dogs accordingly. This allows us to manage personalities and excitement levels.
If you are a full time resident of Saint Simons Island or Brunswick, there is no charge for your first day of play!*
*May not be combined with a boarding stay.